Hiking in the Sauerland

On the trail of freedom
From the small town of Hallenberg we head out into the wide open countryside. The Sauerland is often called the land of a thousand mountains. And anyone who has ever looked at the swinging silhouettes of the wooded ridges and hills on a hilltop will feel completely free in their heart. From above, this landscape really looks like a gently moving sea.

It is true that autumn is the main hiking season. But the Sauerland also radiates something special in spring and summer: when nature conjures up its protected treasures such as foxglove on wide expanses, willows with heather turn into violet carpets and dark fir trees alternate with light-flooded deciduous trees. Each season offers you different gifts, which you can receive most impressively on a hike. The scents of the leaves and the earth, the twittering of birds, the splashing and gurgling of a stream - hiking is more than just putting one step before the other, it is an experience for all senses!

A wide plateau extends around Hallenberg. At the same time, you can also reach the highest mountains of the Sauerland from here, with their deep green forests and wonderful views of the soft silhouettes of the hilly expanses. The Rothaarsteig and the Sauerland-Höhenflug are among the most famous long-distance hiking trails in Germany and offer a perfect infrastructure for demanding hikers. However, the low mountain character of the landscape also suits less experienced outdoor walkers and families with small and large children.

Find your own rhythm again step by step on these theme and long-distance hiking trails and discover a landscape full of variety and beauty. Feel space, be free, dream - and stop time for a moment.

Walking on the path of the senses

The Rothaarsteig
The 154-kilometre long "Path of the Senses" from Brilon in the Sauerland region over the Rothaar ridge to Dillenburg at the foot of the Westerwald forest is particularly inspiring because of its magnificent views and the way it is conceived as an overall experience. Thus, among other things, beautiful landscape experiences are staged at stations, vesper islands and forest sofas invite to relaxing moments. Two of the forest sofas are also in our feel-good garden.

The Sauerland-Höhenflug
Why the Sauerland is called the land of a thousand mountains becomes clear on this long-distance hiking trail at the latest. The name says it all, because the route runs almost entirely on mountain ridges. The most beautiful views and moments of freedom are guaranteed on the 251 kilometres through four nature parks. In between, the route follows narrow paths through gorges, high moors and heaths.

The WaldSkulpturenWeg
Here nature meets art and combines to form a great story. The 23-kilometre-long art trail leads from Schmallenberg over the Rothaar ridge to Bad Berleburg. Along the way, internationally renowned artists have created eleven interesting and inspiring sculptures and installations.

The Kyrillpfad
The one-kilometre-long path near Schanze was created after hurricane Kyrill hit the woods with wide scars. Even though today the clear views are slowly growing again, it is extremely exciting to see the development of nature. New habitats have been created which offer the best conditions for animals such as the wild cat, roe deer, various species of marten and many songbirds.