What is important to us

Warmhearted and friendly - this is how we welcome you. Because we want you to feel really comfortable with us! Hospitality is a virtue for us, a lived family culture, which has developed over many decades in our house. For us this means: to welcome someone like a welcome friend.

Since 1870 this house belongs to our family, the Stöbers. It has grown - and we siblings Kerstin Bäumer and Christoph Stöber - with it. We run the Sauerländer Hof in the 5th generation. So we know about its roots and its history and cultivate the values that were already important to our parents and ancestors: to be a house with personality! This includes above all being appreciative and honest with each other in the team and of course with you as our guest. In this way we create a special place: a place for heart and soul. For our guests, but also for ourselves. When we feel that you feel comfortable with us, this flows directly back to us. We can see how our work is bearing fruit and that motivates us every day anew to give our best for you.

For us, appreciation also means cultivating traditions and managing them sustainably. Not only as a multi-qualified hiking host we have committed ourselves to act ecologically and responsibly in order to preserve our valuable natural landscape. We are also certified by TourCert for sustainability and corporate responsibility. One example of this is our seasonal and regional cuisine. We also use high-quality ingredients from local suppliers who, like us, are concerned about treating resources with respect. This also applies to the outfitters and craftsmen who come from the region and turn our rooms into oases of well-being using local woods, among other things. Step by step we try to integrate resources in the hotel business that nature gives us. Recently, for example, we have extensively renovated the wheel of the historic mill below the Hotel am Mühlbach and brought it back to life. It stood still for over 40 years. Now it is fit for the future and the power of the waterwheel is completely fed into the hotel as electricity. We are proud of this, because this way we save a lot of CO2. For us, the mill is also a symbol of what is particularly important to us: to preserve values, because they are the foundation on which we can continue to make the future worth living. In a figurative sense, this stands for many things in our hotel and we are happy if you as our guest can feel this.

Sauerländer Hof

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