Pleasant touch

The massages of our medically certified massage therapist Nicole Geltz appeal to all senses and are balm for body and soul! She will be happy to discuss your request (procedure) with you in advance and recommend a suitable application. Using various massage techniques, she specifically loosens tense body parts, brings your body energy into flow and thus brings your entire organism back into balance.

Back, shoulder and neck massage
The classic massage for the "problem zones" of the back. Especially the muscles in the shoulder, neck and lumbar area are massaged and loosened up, sometimes gently, sometimes more intensively. You will get rid of all your everyday ballast!
30 min. - 35,- €

Lava Shell "Back Intensive" Massage
This extraordinary massage makes tense muscles "loose" again in a short time. With real clams from the South Pacific, filled with heat gel, you will experience a constant, soothing deep warmth. Due to the special shape of the mussels, strongly tense muscle groups, especially in the shoulder, neck and lumbar area, can be specifically targeted, intensively massaged and loosened to the depths.
30 min. - 42,- €

Lava Shell "Relax" full body massage
Three times warming: Warm clams filled with warming gel provide pleasant warmth. This is a wellness massage for all senses! After 60 minutes of a full-body mussel massage, they have flown far away.
60 min. - 72,- €

Holistic foot pressure massage (reflex zone massage)
This foot massage is definitely not "ticklish"! The feet reflect the whole body. Therefore, certain parts of the foot are stimulated by different finger pressure. In this way, body complaints can be specifically addressed via the reflex zones, and the blood circulation is also stimulated and the metabolism stimulated. You will experience deep relaxation and well-being.
30 min. - 35,- €
45 min. - 50,- €

Honey-ginger-oil massage
A stimulating and soothing massage at the same time! It detoxifies and stimulates the immune system, promotes blood circulation and activates the muscles. Perfect after a long day of hiking! Afterwards you will feel like a newborn!
30 min. - 35,- €

Singing bowls massage
This application has a holistic effect and brings body, mind and soul back into harmony. Warmly wrapped, several singing bowls are placed one after the other on the covered body and made to sound. The pleasant vibration of the bowls flows through the body, restoring it to its original flow and thus providing pleasant and harmonizing deep relaxation.
30 min. - 35,- €

Candle Massage
What a soothing massage! First the oil of the specially developed massage candle melts and exudes a pleasant scent, then it is distributed warmly over the body and massaged in. Afterwards you are not only relaxed, but also have a skin like a peach.
30 min. - 35,- €

Luxury Argan Oil Massage
Here your entire back is massaged with liquid gold! This is how the precious Argan oil from Morocco is often called, because it is one of the most precious and rare oils in the world. Extracted by hand and of the best organic quality, it nourishes the skin and makes the hands glide smoothly and pleasantly over tense muscle areas.
40 min. - 49,- €

Hot roll & back, shoulder, neck massage
A gentle method to release tensions. To do this, a funnel-shaped rolled up terry cloth is soaked in hot water and then dabbed and rolled on the skin. The moist heat penetrates deep into the tissue, effectively relaxing the muscles. This makes it easier to release blockages during the subsequent back massage, which can have an even more lasting effect.
40 min. - 49,- €

Our Massage Specials

The Biker Massage
Getting hot calves after biking? Then your legs will love this massage! With targeted movements, oxygen and energy are transported back into cells. This way muscle hardenings can be loosened and performance can be increased in a natural way. Then you are fit for the next tour!
20 min. - 25,- €

The Hikers Massage
Have you sniffed the scent of the woods and meadows while hiking? With high-quality organic herbal oil, our therapist will bring the beautiful memories back to the massage room and pamper your legs and feet with a soothing relaxation massage. Both oil and application can prevent sore muscles and give you new energy for your next hike. If you want to increase the effect even more, we recommend the combination with the classic back, shoulder and neck massage. An all-round feel-good treatment!
20 min. - 25,- €
Back, shoulder and neck massage 30 min - 35,- €

Appointments & Notes:
At the reception we will gladly accept your desired appointment.

Something come up? You can cancel your appointment free of charge up to 24 hours before your application. Please understand that we have to charge a cancellation fee of 80% of the booked treatment for later cancellations, as the times are firmly reserved with our massage therapist. Please come punctually to your agreed appointment. Unfortunately, missed time cannot be made up.

For professional and ethical reasons, we would like to point out that these are purely preventive applications which cannot be regarded as medical-therapeutic services.